After the last toast is made, the last dance is danced and your guests have all gone home, your wedding photos and film will be the reminder of your beautiful day.  Photography and cinematography are the two mediums that will document your wedding and preserve the memories of that special occasion.  We are excited to welcome Vic Studios to the family.  The combination of Vic Studios’ formal education in photography and cinematography combined with over twenty years of experience is apparent in the gorgeous photos and films produced by Vic Studios.  We invite you to take a look at Vic Studios’ entire portfolio. 

Vic Studios

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It was a year of firsts for The 2012 Premier Bridal Event: first time hosting the event at the Glendale Hilton Hotel, first time having the show in March instead of November, first time having a dance performance as part of the entertainment, and first time hosting over 2,500 guests at our upscale bridal show!

If you couldn’t make it to this year’s show, or just want to refresh the experience, we’ve put together this blog with photos & video highlights so you can have a nice event recap!

2012 Harsanik Bridal Show 2012 Harsanik Bridal Show

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Today we are featuring Taglyan Complex, one of our Platinum Sponsors for The 3rd Annual Premier Bridal Event!

Taglyan Complex has been a participant of our bridal show every year! The first year, they stunned all bridal show guests with their recreation of the Taglyan Complex within their booth space. To try to describe it, they built a replica of the Taglyan ceiling and had that covering the top of their booth. So while inside their booth, you felt like you were in their beautiful ballroom for a split second!

Platinum Sponsor - Taglyan Cultural Complex

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We wanted to wish all of our readers a very Happy Valentine's Day! We hope you have a wonderful day filled with love and romance!

In our last blog, we hope you were inspired by the gorgeous Valentine’s themed table scape from some of our talented vendors:

In today's blog, we wanted to share some last minute yet creative gift ideas for newly engaged couples who are looking to not only please their significant other this Valentine’s Day but also their pocket book!

A Valentine’s Day Photo Shoot

Spell it Out:
When surprising your significant other with a Valentine’s gift, creativity always stands out! How about this year, use items around the house that have a special meaning to your significant other to spell out how much you care about them. For example, if your fiancé loves to cook, grab something from the kitchen like dry macaroni pieces and spell out “I love you!” on the kitchen counter. This will surely put a smile on his or her face!

Picture This:
They always say a picture is worth a thousand words! This Valentine’s Day, go through your digital camera and choose your favorite pictures of you and your sweetheart. Then incorporate the pictures into something your Valentine can cherish forever. How about creating a collage of photos of you and your loved one on a simple poster board. To add a special touch, add a cute saying next to each picture or write down a memory that you have from that specific moment in time. This will definitely earn you some sweetheart points!

Make it Comical:
Although they say the stomach is the best way to get to a man’s heart (most of the time it is!), most men will admit that they appreciate a woman with a sense of humor. So for all you ladies, why not opt for something that makes him laugh on this Valentine’s Day. Here’s an idea…create a fake personal ad about your significant other. Make sure to mention all of the wonderful qualities that he has. This is a great way to remind him that he is appreciated. Attach the ad by a telephone in the house where he is close to. Then call him at that number so that he can see the ad. Tell him that you are responding to his post and that you feel that he has all the wonderful qualities that would make him your future Mr. Right! 

A Valentine’s Day Photo Shoot

And remember, if all else fails… you can never go wrong with sweet treats that will satisfy your sweet heart’s sweet tooth!

Special thanks to our vendors for not only inspiring us with the Valentine's Day photo shoot, but also sharing some great gift ideas for this Valentine's Day: Night’n’Gala Event Design, Bellaj Banquet Hall, Petals LA, Rafi’s Pastry & Cakes, CMC Party Rentals, Wrapped Up in Details, and Lizzi Photography.

And on behalf of, we wish you a wonderful Valentine's Day celebration!

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