Petals LA

415 W Colorado St #C
Glendale, CA 91204
(323) 389-5411//Email//Map//

Petals LA is the premier design studio in the Los Angeles area, bringing cutting edge creativity & opulence to special event design. Established in 2008 by principal creative powerhouse Saco Sarkissian, Petals LA is consistently pushing the boundaries of lavish event design, with a keen sense of modern glamour and traditional elegance.


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PetalsLA is fabulous

PetalsLA where do I start... the most beautiful, fresh, exotic, flower arrangements I've ever seen, touched and smelled. Thank you guys for making an amazing garden of paradise for our most memorable day. I can't even imagine that without you, neither do we want too.... Thanks! KellyKay
Posted By: | Feb 17th, 2019 |