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With only two pre-wedding blogs left, Serj and I are so excited that it's finally May and our countdown is getting shorter and shorter! Today's blog is all about the men!

Wedding Tuxedos

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Choosing their attire is the main decision we had to make for all the men involved in the wedding. The first step in the process was deciding whether the gentlemen would be wearing tuxes or suits. After some advice and some of our own research we decided to go with rented tuxes. In addition to our 6 man wedding party, we also wanted to rent tuxes for our dads and Serj's younger brothers, a grand total of 11 tuxes! So after researching for a company that would be accommodating to everyone's schedules and make sure that there were no errors, we decided to go with Bridal & Tux 4 U in Glendale.

The owner so kindly explained to us that the tuxes came with the jacket, pants, shirt, cufflinks, tie, vest, and shoes. He also assured that all sizes and colors were available within the store so that if there were any last minute changes, or mishaps, he would be available to make any necessary changes. That was the best thing we had heard from any vendor we had visited or with whom we had spoken. That was the easy part.

Next is making sure that all 11 people, including Serj, make time to get fitted. Thankfully, our group of handsome men understand the importance and the urgency of making time and they have all been able to fit this into their busy schedules! The last thing we wanted to make sure of was the returning of the tuxes. Most places requested that we return the next day, and some even advised that there would be additional charges if returned late. The last thing I want to do the day after my wedding is drive around town, collecting tuxes to make sure I have them returned on time. Thankfully, Bridal & Tux 4 U was flexible in agreeing on a date and time to return all of the items.

Bridal & Tux 4 U

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Ultimately, we chose black tuxes for all with silver vests for the ushers and a white vest for Serj! We will however, let our wedding party wear their own shoes, taking comfort into consideration!

Costs to expect:

$100-150 per suit/tux

When to order:

No later than one month before the wedding for fittings!

Only 26 days left until "I do..."


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