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At Caprice Bridal Boutique, we carry high quality bridal gowns and accessories by prestigious designers from all over the world. We take pride in providing personal attention and service to all our brides. Most of our clients have been referred to us by previous brides who enjoy our warm and friendly atmosphere, our timely completion and attention to detail.


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Gorgeous Dresses!!!!!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Wow what an incredible experience. Maro at Caprice Bridal made me look like a true princess on my special day. My dress was spectacular & absolutely gorgeous! It was classy, sexy, elegant & unique. Everyone loved my dress and I still get complements almost a month after my wedding. The wedding dress is one of the most important, if not the most important part of a wedding & thanks to Caprice my dress was the star of the show. Maro, I can't thank you enough for making me look so beautiful on my very special day! I love you!! You are amazing & every bride to be should get their dress from you, if they want to look absolutely amazing! Plus working with you was icing on the cake. You have such a wonderful energy that is truly contagious!
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Very nice owner with great gowns

The owner Maro is a very helpful and nice lady. I love the dresses there, specially you have the option to customize the gowns. I love the store and found my dress there.
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Best bridal boutique

I was referred to Caprice Bridal by my best friend, who purchased her amazing wedding gown from Caprice. Last August, I took a trip to Caprice, and luckily the boutique was having a Stephen Yearick trunk show. I was able to find my dream gown amongst the wide selection of beautiful wedding dresses. After trying on the gown and falling in love with it, I was pleasantly surprised at the amazing price that they offered me! I highly recommend every bride to check out Caprice Bridal before you waste your time on other shops. The customer service is exceptional, especially the owner, Maro, who I came to adore. Caprice carries many beautiful gowns, headpieces, and veils. Call and make an appointment for an exclusive experience!
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Beautiful gowns and accessories

Caprice Bridal has a large selection of the most beautiful gowns.No matter what your budget, you can find a dress there. My wedding is in a year, but I stopped by a few weeks ago just to take a look around. I wanted to look around a few bridal boutiques just to get an idea of what type of dresses they have. I liked Caprice the best! The dresses were so unique and not your typical wedding gowns. The accessories and veil's were gorgeous!!! On top of that, the owner was extremely friendly and helpful. As soon as I'm ready to purchase a dress, I am definitely going to see Maro at Caprice Bridal.
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Thank you, Maro!

I too found my dream dress at Caprice Bridal. Maro, the owner, was incredibly helpful and kind. She listened to what I was looking for, and really helped me find the perfect dress, veil, and accessories. She also went above and beyond with the alterations to make sure the dress fit perfect and looked beautiful. I had a very wonderful experience with Caprice. Thank you so much for everything, Maro. I would recommend a trip to Caprice if you are getting married, the service is excellent there.
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Special services and a perfect dress!

I found my dream wedding dress at Caprice for my July wedding. Maro was so helpful with picking the dress and giving ideas and suggestions about little changes that could be done to make the dress perfect and more unique.
I was even able to take advantage of a special home delivery service that Caprice offers. Instead of picking up the dress myself and worrying about how to keep it perfect for the wedding day, Caprice actually delivered the dress to my home. They brought a mannequin bust and set up the dress and the veil. What a relief to know that the dress would stay perfectly pressed and displayed for the big day! And it made for some beautiful pictures with the dress displayed in front of my bedroom window.
Overall, beautiful quality dresses and great service - way above and beyond what I had seen at other salons!
Thanks Maro jan for helping look like a princess on my wedding day!!!
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Dresses you won't find anywhere!

Thank you Caprice for making me look amazing on my wedding day! Guests were complimenting my dress all day long and they're still talking about it! If you're looking for something modern and unique this is the bridal shop you should visit. They also have traditional dresses but I'm a modern girl so I chose something from a French designer. Whatever your preference I recommend you stop by to see what they have... you'll be happy you did! Good luck!
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elegant boutique and a wonderful owner

For the brides to be you have to stop by Caprice Bridals. You will not regret it. The store is so beautiful. As a bride during that stressful time, every time I set foot in the store I felt like a princess. This isn't your average bridal store. Caprice Bridals is an elegant boutique that has been around for over 15 years. The store was recommended to me by friends who had purchased their gowns there and had a very positive experience.

The store owner Maro is AWESOME. I cannot say enough about her. She is a professional who has a heart of gold and knows how to dress her brides. You will never look tacky if Maro is helping you find that perfect dress. She always has the latest styles and most importantly she will help you find a dress that will accentuate your assets. Maro is extremely patient and she always greets you with a big smile. She understands how important this process is and she did everything she could to make sure I enjoyed every second while I was in the boutique. I probably went in several times and each time she patiently and happily worked with me. She has wonderful taste and ideas so she helped in making minor changes to my dress to make sure it was exactly the way I liked it. Caprice Bridals also has dresses for bridesmaids so I bought my bridesmaids dresses there. I was so relived when I found out that she also does the alterations right there. The best thing about Caprice Bridals is that everytime you go to the boutique you will see Maro there. Unlike other bridal shops you are not going to deal with several different people. No matter what your price range is, Maro will work hard to find you the perfect gown in your prince range. She also has a large selection of beautiful tiaras, veils, and accessories, etc. ¦If you are looking (which as a bride I know you are) for a calm, romantic, warm, relaxing and friendly atmosphere, Caprice Bridals IS THE PLACE FOR YOU.
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Love Caprice!

I highly recommend Caprice bridal boutique to any bride. They have been in this business for many years and know how to help you find the perfect dress for your special day. I walked in the store and the owner looked at me and said "this is the perfect dress for you" and she was right. after trying on hundreds of dresses I came back to the one she had recommended. i also love their accessories. Very professional, lots of choices, and affordable prices.
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Beautiful dresses

Caprice Bridal has beautiful and very unique bridal gowns - things that you won't see in other places. The owner is very friendly and accommodating, she gives you her 100% attention when you make an appointment. The only downside is that she needs more dressing rooms with mirrors all around to accommodate more people. The dresses are pricey, but that's because the dresses are all high-end designer gowns, but she will give you the best deal she can.
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Good service, and amazing head pieces/viels

Hello, my sisters and I went to Caprice Bridal for my sisters wedding dress and she found the most amazing gown which I have not seen anywhere, we have been to 5 different bridal shops. While we were there she also bought a gorgeous head piece, and her veiI I can't even explain how much elegant details it has on it. Thank You so much for your assistance, and helping us find the "perfect" wedding gown/accessories. We will be back for my wedding soon!
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Beautiful Headpieces!

I bought the most beautiful headpiece from here! I recommend it 100% for accessories!!
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