A Bride's Story: Selecting Our Invitations

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One of the first major tasks to complete in the wedding planning process is ordering your invitations. Invitations are very important since they are the very first thing that your guests get to see about your wedding, and which leads to forming an impression. We decided that we wanted to have a classy invitation, but something that was also fun and personal.

Shant and I decided to work with Sherry from Creative Works Design, and we both had a great experience through the whole invitation selection process!  We scheduled an appointment with Creative Works Design, and when we met with Sherry, she started off by asking us what we were looking for. She then showed us several albums filled with examples of invitations so we could get an idea of the different options.

First, we made a decision about the shape & the size. Shant & I were deciding between the square invitation (6x6), and the rectangular invitation (5x7). Next, we had to decide if we were going to include inserts, and if so, how many. We decided to go with 3 inserts - one for the RSVP, one for the Maps & Directions, and another for General Information. Once that was decided, Sherry then walked us through all the different design options, including color of the paper, ribbon or no ribbon, color of ribbon, color of font, raised ink or flat ink, etc. We also had to decide if we wanted to include an Armenian version of the invitation. The options felt endless, but Sherry guided us through each choice and we felt really great about all of our invitation decisions!

We were also able to make our invitation unique. We explained to Sherry that we wanted to incorporate the idea of puzzle pieces into our wedding invitations. Sherry listened to our idea and began sketching a few concepts, and we were able to come up with a design that matched exactly what we were looking for!

Overall, we had a great time working with Sherry from Creative Works Designs. Once we got the invitations, we were both extremely happy with the result! Our invitations turned out beautiful and we got a lot of compliments from all of our family & friends!



  • The general rule is that you should send out your invitations about 3 months before the wedding date.
  • It can take 3-4 weeks from the day you meet with a vendor to when you actually get your invitations. So make sure to schedule your appointment at least 4 months before  the wedding.
  • The response date on the RSVP card should be dated for a month before the wedding.
  • The general rule is that you should add a stamp to the RSVP card so your guests don't have to look for a stamp in order to RSVP.

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