10 Ideas For Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

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Bachelor/Bachelorette parties are a great way for the future bride and groom to celebrate their last days as “single” and the beginning of the new chapter of their lives. These parties have changed a lot over the years. Here are some examples of the many ways you can choose to celebrate your party.

1. Destination Party

Plan a trip! Get away for the weekend and have an adventure. Las Vegas is the most popular spot for bachelor/bachelorette party trips. However, depending on the season and whether you want to relax or party, other ideas include San Diego, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Palm Springs, Lake Tahoe, Big Bear, etc. Some might choose to go out of state for example Miami, NY, Puerto Rico, Utah, Kentucky, etc. 

Las Vegas

2. Cruise

Go on a cruise for a short vacation with your party. You can also rent a boat for the day for a modified version. Have some cocktails, food, relax or dance away on the boat!

3. Outdoor Activities

Plan activities or sports such as hiking, camping, zip lining, fishing, and golfing for an outdoor bachelor/bachelorette party. 

4. Festivals / Events

Depending on your interests, search festivals or events. For example attend music, food, or beer festivals or events such as the Kentucky Derby, Boxing match, Carnival, and more. 

5. Disneyland

What better way to celebrate than the happiest place on Earth? Spend the day or the weekend at Disneyland. Besides the fun rides and attractions, you can stay at the hotel, have breakfast, enjoy the pool, the bars, restaurants, and more.

6. Night Out

Plan a night out with your group. Bachelor/Bachelorette parties are no longer limited to just clubs. You can go to trendy restaurants or lounges and celebrate with dinner, drinks, and music.

Bachelorette Party

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7. Wine Tours 

If you and your friends love wine, it’s great idea to plan a wine tour! You can either plan a weekend or take the day to go out to some of the great wineries in the area.

8. Spa Treatment

Everyone loves some relaxation and pampering prior to their wedding! Book a full day at a Spa or a whole weekend retreat with spa treatments, Yoga, meals and entertainment for a wonderful experience. 

9. Slumber Party

Stay in! Invite your party to your house and remember the old days. Have food, cocktails, play games and enjoy a sleep over. Incorporate bachelor/bachelorette party games to spice it up.

10. Joint Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Recently, one of the biggest trends has been joint bachelor/bachelorette party. Many couples are choosing to celebrate their night together. You can plan a house or venue party or choose any of the ideas and invite both groups. 

Remember times have changed and there are so many ways to celebrate. Communicate with your significant other, and choose how and who you want to spend your bachelor/bachelorette party with and start planning away! 

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