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Granada Hills, CA 91344
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Bridal Keepsake specializes in creating "sini's", money boxes, favors, and keepsake boxes to store albums, cards, memorabilia from the wedding. All of our keepsakes are custom made to fit the colors and themes of your wedding.


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Simply a work of art

We used Bridal Keepsake's services for our wedding. They designed both the centerpieces for our tables as well as the "shaqar" and "sini". Simply put, these folks are pros and their work, a work of art.

We still have the gift-basket they designed and display it at home as a memory of our wedding. We have even lent it out for some friends to use at their wedding.

Thank you Bridal Keepsakes.
Posted By: | Jan 17th, 2008 | View all my reviews
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