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We understand how essential professional wedding photography is to capturing the spirit and love you share on your wedding day. There are many wedding photographers to choose from, but you should only trust someone who understands the complete range of emotions you will feel throughout the day. Excellent wedding photography should reflect your personality and tell the story of your love. Rene Zadori Photography specializes in creative wedding photography, as well as engagement and bridal portraits. Rene is a true professional among wedding photographers. He is able to envision the perfect shot in his mind and then capture that moment with his camera. This special talent makes his brand of wedding photography unique. He truly desires to please his clients, and he will work with you to achieve the look that will make you happy. For elegant pictures with a modern edge, trust Rene Zadori Photography to preserve the precious memories of your wedding day for years to come.


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A very talented Photographer

I'm an artist and have been in art field for over 20 years. Choosing a photographer for our wedding was the most important part of our process. I was looking for someone who can capture a beautiful picture with a great composition, light and colors. A picture that last forever. A picture that you can look at everyday! No obvious use of Photoshop or other softwares, no fake effects. Instead, be natural, elegant and professional. Rene Zadori is the one. Thank you for making our wedding so special and memorable.
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Amazing and Talented Photographer

When you are going through the process of planning your wedding, you interview many applicants to be part of your important day. From the moment we met with Rene and his team, my husband and I knew that he was the perfect fit for the job. We explained exactly what we wanted and he delivered. Not only is he professional, he is extremely passionate about his job. He loves what he does, and it shows from his work. I definitely recommend Rene!
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Talented photograph with Fresh sense of style

I have had the pleasure of working with Rene only once (so far) but have seen him in action many times. He is charismatic, creative, hard-working and goes above and beyond for you. What I love most about him vs. other photographers is his fresh perspective on the art of photography - whether it's the scenes, poses, themes, or songs he chooses he is always creating work that's a step ahead of everyone else. Always giving you a finished product that's unlike anyone elses, what more could you ask for? :)
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Incredible photography/videography

First of all I want to Thank Rene Zadori photography team for everything they have done for my husband and I.
I've been working with them for 3 years and will be for all future events :)
I worked with Rene for my engagement short cinematic video, my engagement pictures, my bridal shower, my pre wedding photo shoot, my wedding and the AMAZING short cinematic video clip for my wedding! Every single one of those has been absolutely perfect!!!!
What I love about Rene is that he is a perfectionist, he's honest, he's extremely talented, he is young, he has ideas that will blow your mind, he's on time and most importantly he makes you feel so comfortable in front of that camera and will listen to your ideas your likes and dislikes and he actually listens.
For any photo shoot, Rene does his research before beginning the process, which I love because he doesn't waste your time, he knows where & if the lighting won't do well, he knows what areas will be different and unique and what times to go to certain places!
When Rene takes a picture of you, it's all about YOU it's not about the tree in the back or the walls next to you he just does an incredible job focusing all the attention on you.I am blessed to have met Rene and his team, they are always there for me they have done everything I have asked for and more...
Perfect choice for any occasion! I highly recommend Rene and I look forward to working with him for all my future events!
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Wedding Video & Photo

I had worked with Rene on several occasions prior to booking my wedding with him. He did the photos and video for our destination wedding in Paris, France. They filmed almost nonstop for 5 days. Everything turned out great. We have an amazing video of our entire trip/wedding. Rene has great talent and skill. His photography is very raw and real. His images are clean and perfect. I would highly recommend Rene Zadori Photography for anyone looking for a wedding or engagement photo/video package. Thanks, Rene!
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Photography at its finest

I have had the pleasure of working with Rene Zadori for three very important occasions - my engagement, pre-wedding photos, and maternity photos. At each event, Rene was exceptionally professional, accommodating, and visionary in his work. His talent was displayed through every photo and how he was able to capture the most precious moments. My husband and I couldn't have been more pleased with the results. Additionally, everything was delivered in a timely and professional matter. Thank you Rene Zadori for all your hard work and efforts!
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Breathless pictures and amazing talent!

I wish all vendors were like Rene Zadori and his team! Quick and always responsive to any concerns and questions I have - I am a bit of an perfectionist. I have done more than a handful of events with Rene, from engagements to birthdays, and even just because pictures. Him and his team make sure I am always satisfied and go out of their way to make it happen. Rene has a keen eye for detail and is able to capture even the smallest of moments and make sure nothing is missed. His modern and sophisticated take on pictures and videography are truly un-comparable. I can't wait to work with him again - it's always fun and exciting!
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Brilliance beyond Belief!

When my then fiance, now husband decided to propose, the first person he contacted was Rene Zadori. He trusted Rene in capturing the moments before and after the magical night he had planned for me. Rene hid behind walls, ducked in between servers and hopped on and off subways to create a priceless memory that has been the perfect opening chapter to our love story.

Naturally as soon as my feet softly touched down from cloud 9, and wedding planning started and the most important decision of all was the easiest. Knowing Rene was the mastermind behind my wedding and pre wedding photography, my heart and head was at ease. On our Big day, Rene and his awesome team were right on time and always prepared to work with anything that might have come impromptu.

Every project Rene has done for us, he had a vision and creative way in storytelling that catered to each subject and its unique nature. His dedication to the art form is evident in his work and is never compromised!
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We decided to go with Rene Zadori as our videographer for our wedding in June, and we couldn't be happier with that decision. Rene is exceptionally talented. His main focus throughout the entire process of putting together our video was to make sure we were beyond pleased with the results, and that we were! If you want a modern yet elegant touch to your special day, someone who is able to truly capture every special moment, I would not hesitate to contact Rene Zadori and his team!
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