11 Alternatives To Flower Girl Baskets

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Flower girls have a special place in every wedding as they pave the way for the bride! Traditionally, the flower girls toss flowers from their baskets as they walk down the aisle. Recently, we've seen different trends and alternatives for flowers and props. Here are our favorites.

Single Stems:

Instead of carrying a basket, have your flower girls carry a single stem of a similar flower to your bridal bouquet. For example Alliums, Peony and Dahlia are popular choices.

Single Stem flower for your flower girl

Photo source PopSugar

Hand Out:

Another alternative to tossing flowers is handing out single flowers to the guests at the ceremony. This can be idea for locations that don't allow flower petals.

Flower girls hand out flowers

Photo source Colin Cowie Weddings


Have your flower girls carry a wand made of flower, butterflies, paper, ribbons, jewels and more for a magical effect!

Flower girl wand

Photo source Confetti


Choose pomander flower balls instead of baskets for your flower girls. You can utilize different flowers or materials to create the pomander of your choice.

flower gil pomander

Photo source Pinterest 


Following the metallic trend, have your flower girls toss confetti instead of flowers as they walk down the aisle.

flower girl confetti toss

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Go for a completely different look, by having your flower girls carry balloons down the aisle. Depending on the theme of your wedding, use color, all white, or different shape balloons.

Balloons for flower girls

Photo source Etsy


Bubbles are a great alternatives to flower petals for an outdoor ceremony. 

flower girl bubbles

Photo source Martha Stewart Weddings


Windmills are perfect for outdoor ceremonies. They add a fun feel and are a great decor and alternative to flowers. 

Flower girl windmills

Photo source Weddingbells


Have your flower girls hold parasols as they walk down the aisle! Parasols add a romantic and classic touch. Parasols work best for summer weddings but can be adjusted with the season and colors of the wedding. 

Flower girl parasols

Photo source Brides


Signs are major trend for flower girls to hold as they walk down the aisle. Some examples include "Here comes the bride","Just wait until you see her", and "Here's comes the love of your life." Some might choose to have the ring boy to carry a sign as well. 

flower girl signs

Photo source David's Bridal


Have your flower girls carry down your new initials after the ceremony. You can also have them show each person's initials in the beginning and switch to the newlyweds initials after the ceremony.

Flower girl monograms

Photo source Martha Stewart Weddings

Based on the location and theme of your wedding, choose the flowers and props that work best for your ceremony. Which one of these new ideas will you incorporate into your wedding? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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