Top 9 Stories From 2017

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2017 was an unforgettable year! We are fortunate to have shared so many beautiful and incredibly romantic proposal, engagement, photoshoot, and wedding stories on our blog. We are truly grateful to all the couples who took the time to share their love story with us, along with gorgeous photos and touching videos from the many talented photographers and videographers.

We're thrilled to share with you the top 9 most popular stories from 2017!

#9:Mikhail and Varti's Destination Photoshoot in Iceland

We remember the first time we saw the picture of Varti and Mikhail standing on top of an abandoned airplane. Jaw dropping. And that was not the only shot that captivated us. The couple's pre-wedding photoshoot in Iceland is breathtaking.

Varti and Mikhail's Iceland Photoshoot

#8: Ando and Angie's Trash the Dress Session

We'd previously shared Angie and Ando's love story with their romantic proposal and their beautiful wedding, and in January 2017, we featured their trash the dress photoshoot at the beach. The photos not only came out gorgeous but also captured all the fun involved when you let loose and get a little dirty! 

Angie and Ando at the beach

Ando and Angie's Trash the Dress photoshoot 

#7: Introducing Manifa & Emin and their wedding planning adventures

This year we launched our newest Bride's Story blogger, Manifa! We kicked off the Manifa's Story blog series introducing the couple and their fun adventures! We're excited to follow Manifa and Emin through their wedding planning journey.


#6: Alik and Lilit's Wedding

Alik and Lilit got married in June 2017. We typically share the professional photographs from weddings, but this time we tried something different and shared the unfiltered photos from Lilit, Alik, their guests, and vendors. This sure looked like an incredibly fun wedding!  

Lilit and Alik's Wedding

#5: Mary and Raffi's Engagement Party

We loved getting to know Mary and Raffi through Mary's Story blog series! And their engagement party was filled with so many pretty details, it's no surprise it made our list! (The event took place in 2016 but wasn't shared until 2017 so it made the list.)   

Raffi and Mary's Engagement Party

#4: Mitchell and Marine's Engagement Photoshoot in Armenia

The breathtaking photos of Mitchell and Marine in Armenia were amongst some of the most popular images we shared this year. And not only did this couple's engagement photoshoot make our list, their surprise proposal that took place on April 24th at the Armenian Genocide Monument in Fresno also ranked as one of the most popular stories of the year.  

Mitchell and Marine Engagement Photoshoot in Armenia

Mitchell and Marine's Proposal on April 24

#3: Gaspar and Lola's $10 Million Armenian Wedding

Gaspar Avdolyan and Lola Osmanova got married on July 1st at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles. While the price tag of the wedding was rumored to be $10 million, what made it special for us was the couple's decision to incorporate traditional Armenian dancing into their wedding. We interviewed Zvartnots Dance Ensemble to get the insider details of the wedding and featured videos of Gaspar and Lola's Armenian dance performances.

Gaspar & Lola's Armenian Wedding

#2: Anil and Mary's Armenian Indian Weddings

When two rich cultures combine, it can be challenging to find a way to integrate traditions from both cultures. We loved how Mary and Anil incorporated their Armenian and Indian cultures into their weddingS! First, the Indian wedding was absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking, and the couple followed with a traditional Armenian wedding.

Mary and Anil Armenian Indian Wedding

Mary and Anil Armenian Indian Wedding

#1: Mary's Traditional Armenian Jan Gyulum

Our most popular story of the year goes out to Mary's Traditional Jan Gyulum, an Armenian celebration of nature and love. Instead of a bridal shower, Mary opted to incorporate traditional Armenian attire, music, and decorations for an absolutely stunning event. Learn more about this Armenian tradition and see the stunning photos of Mary in her traditional Armenian dress.

Mary's Traditional Armenian Jan Gyulum

Mary & Harut Traditional Armenian Jangyulum

And in case this couple looks familiar, we featured Mary and Harut's surprise proposal and engagement party on our blog in 2016! Be sure to watch the video and read their love story! We warn you, you may shed a tear or two...

Harut & Mary's surprise proposal


Thank you to every one of our readers, followers, brides, and vendors for helping make 2017 a success! We especially thank all of the couples who took the time to share their stories. These stories are all sources of inspiration for future groom- and bride-to-be's. We can't wait to share more stories with you in 2018! 

If you or a friend was recently engagement or married, we'd love to hear from you! Contact us or tag us (@harsanikcom) on Instagram for a chance to be featured! Who will make our top list in 2018??!?

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