3 Quick Tips Before Sending Your Thank You Cards

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Alas, the Big Day has passed!

The memories of your beautiful ceremony and reception are still very much alive in the hearts and minds of your beloved guests, however. Each and every one of them came to dine, dance and celebrate with you in honor of your nuptials.

To remind your guests just how grateful you are that they attended your wedding, make sure to send them a special thank you card. Here are 3 quick tips to keep in mind before the thank you cards are signed, sealed and delivered.

Axiom Designs Thank You Card

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Don't put these cards on the back burner because the more you neglect their distribution, time will fly, and all of a sudden, you'll find yourself rushing to get them out (which will make the experience all the more frustrating). It's customary to send your wedding cards within six months of your ceremony, but don't let a year pass.

2. Design

You can choose to stay general with just a simple "Thank You" graphic at the front of your card, or you can even select a photo of you and your now spouse from the wedding.

However, timing may or may not be on your side when selecting your image. If you want to get ahead of the game, coordinate with your photographer and make sure to mention to him/her beforehand that you'll need a quick turnaround for one Thank You card select. That way, you won't need to play the waiting game; you'll already have a perfect photo ready to use!

Many photographers may also include Thank You cards as part of their photography packages. Or you can browse through our directory of Invitation vendors to check out some options, too. 

Cordially Thank You Cards

Cordially Thank You Cards

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3. Message

We are huge fans of handwritten notes. In this digital age where most communications are under 140 characters received on a screen, we believe handwritten notes are both genuine and most sincere since you can make the note slightly personalized for each guest. But we understand everyone lives busy lives and if you have an overwhelming amount of guests to thank, this task now may seem a little impossible.

Make it easier on yourself by getting together with your husband/wife, sticking to one short-and-sweet message to print on each card, and then go about personalizing from there. Even a short, handwritten "Thank You" or your signatures will add a personal touch to each card.

Cordially Thank You Cards

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Stay tuned for another Harsanik blog post on message suggestions to help you get started on crafting your Thank You note.

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